The Bar Test

A good test to see if you’re working on the right thing is what I like to call The Bar Test.

It’s simple. If you’re at the bar after 2-4 drinks and someone asks you “So what do you do?”

Do you sigh? Do you feel your eyes glaze over as you explain what you do to someone? Are you boring yourself?

You’re not working on the right thing. 

Or do you light up? Do you feel like you talk for too long and too fast? Do you leave inspired after talking about it even after you worked all day on it? 

You’re working on the right thing. 

The Bar Test also works in reverse. It can help to find your purpose. 

After those 2-4 drinks, what can you not stop talking about? What do you geek out about so much for so long that your friends say:

“Oh my god (your name) shut the fuck up about (thing).“

That’s probably what you should be working on. 


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  1. I have never felt more affirmed for being told to shut the fuck up.

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