Greg Frontiero

I’m working on  NooWave

I’ve worked for companies like Yext, Twitter and Stack Overflow.

 Sometimes a Pro Wrestler.

I live in Brooklyn, NY or Fort Lauderdale, Fl depending on the month.

The Bar Test

A good test to see if you’re working on the right thing is what I like to call The Bar Test. It’s simple. If you’re at the bar after 2-4 drinks and someone asks you “So what do you do?” Do you sigh? Do you feel your eyes glaze over as you explain what you…

The Power of Weak Ties

I’m writing this post from Jonathan Hillis Creator Cabin soft launch in Johnson City, TX. I’m spending the week with 8 people I have never met in real life (only online writing groups)  before now. While not complete strangers, they are what Mark Granovetter would refer to as “weak ties” aka acquaintances.  Most of what…

Do The Thing

The answer is always just the question as an action verb. How can I become a writer? Write. How can I learn to start a company? Start a company. How can I get a body like an MMA fighter? Fight MMA. So if you find yourself asking “How can I do the thing?” Do the…